It happens all the time.

It happens all the time.

"No more Disney Pass"

No more Disney pass, no more Disney pass….
After all these years, no more Disney pass.
Yours Truly,
the saddest day of my life.

Kinda pissed about NOT being a mermaid.

'cause only when my eyes are closed,
do you feel this close to me.

What is…

“LOVE”   ???

We all say it,

-but we all experience it differently.

Some ”lovE” 


it hurts so bad you can’t stop loving how bad it hurts. 

Some “loVe”

time takes away and never returns.

Some ”lOve” 

is said to be love but doesn’t feel like so. 

Some “Love”

is grandeur of the color rose.

Some is forevermore…

Infinite definitions for this one little verb.

I could never define the four letter word.

I can only tell you about what I decided it to be…

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There’s always going to be that one girl you know who is completely obsessed with unicorns.